vrijdag 27 mei 2011

I love.....husky rescue

"Every track is designed to be a warm breeze to counter the chill of daily life, whether you live in cold climes or not. All moments from life become part of the music. Husky Rescue reflects our background in Helsinki where the winter nights are so cold and long while the summer is hot and short, but oh so sweet. It's melancholic music but there is always hope. Husky Rescue's music is like the first snow on the ground when you can still see the green grass through the snow. It's like spring's sunbeam after the long, dark, sunless winter time."  Marko Nyberg-Husky rescue's founder

Fans of the group include English journalist James Delingpole who has described their secret as lying in an "ingenious combination of Finnish chilliness and melancholy (especially Reeta-Leena Korhola's frail, beautiful vocals, a curious mix of tenderness and icy distance, which lend every song the vague feel of a deeply sad and sinister children's story set in a cruel frosty land) with some of the jauntiest, catchiest most perfect synth pop melodies you're likely to hear".[4

I also love the artwork by Kustaa Saksi!

This is my favorite song at the moment: fast lane. Enjoy!

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